Reconnection, Reconnective Healing and New Frequencies

Reconnection, Reconnective Healing and New Frequencies

New, never-before experienced frequencies are now circulating on Earth,
They bring true Healing,
They bring a return to balance.

We tend to think that healing is something which affects our physical body and that our symptoms must be cured with chemicals or surgery. It is now known that we are more than a physical body. We are energy. We are light. We are body, mind, feelings and spirit. All four of these levels must be balanced if we are to enjoy wellbeing.

Originally, the meridians which run through our body, also known as acupuncture lines, were associates with the ley lines which surround our planet. This network now connects us with an even larger planetary network and with the entire universe.

We have been disconnected from these lines for a long time. Each body has its own framework of lines and energy points. Although they are only a reminiscence to what they once were, thy still exist as our Reconnective portals to the universe. These channels facilitate the interchange of energy, light and information between the large and the small, between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Now we can become Re-connected. Thanks to the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing we can regain our natural state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Reconnective Healing and the Recconnection were “created” or brought to the planet through the person of Dr Eric Pearl. This well-known chiropractor lived and worked in Los Angeles until he spontaneously received his axiotonal alignment. As of that moment, a chain of amazing events began to unfold, among them a new found ability to heal all manner of complaints without even touching his patients. His personal story is related in his book, The Reconnection, for those who wish to read about it in further detail. As a result of his experiences, Dr Pearl created the Reconnection – a quantum form of what he has received and a gateway through which anyone may access these high vibrational frequencies.

The Reconnection is a process which consists of reactivating and reconnecting the axiotonal lines, thereby releasing blockages which impede the entrance and flow of energy. Once the connection is re-established, the soul begins to orchestrate the necessary events in order that we may re-experience our whole self.

In the process we are rebalanced. The Reconnection repairs our old electromagnetic disorders by linking us to the earth’s electromagnetic field and, by extension, to the energy grid of the Universe. The Reconnection aligns us with the Totality of our Being and with the Totality of the Universe. The axiotonal lines and points within our body are linked to those of the planet, to those of the Universe , to the Source of Everything, to the visible and invisible. By re-establishing these connections, it gives us direction and allows our life purpose to develop, join us again to our original sense of deep connection with life and the feeling of being here and now. We are reconnected to our Perfect Self, to our true essence, purpose and potential in this life, bringing about a quantum leap in our personal and spiritual evolution.

The Reconnection awakens and activates the lines which lie latent within us, thus allowing an interchange of new levels of light and information. This influx of energy accelerates our evolution and prepares us to participate in the transition of consciousness which is already under way. Even the structures of our DNA strands are progressively awakened as we are gradually opened up to our multidimensionality, i.e. the integration of simultaneous or parallel planes of existence into our awareness.

After receiving YOUR PERSONAL RECONNECTION, the process of evolution and transformation not only accelerates, but becomes more conscious in your body, your mind and your spirit. Each case, of course, has its own peculiarities and unique manifestations.

Reconnective Healing is different and direct. Its effectiveness can be attributed to a new range of healing frequencies contained in a recently discovered bandwidth on the planet. The influence of these frequencies has been clearly proven not only in practice but in scientific laboratories.

A session of Reconnective Healing is usually the first step toward experiencing these new healing frequencies, the quality of which is not comparable to anything you may have experienced. Reconnective Healing is appropriate when a person feels the need to heal something at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level; when there are chronic or serious problems; when one wishes to regain a lost sense of balance. It could also be that you have read Dr Pearl’s book and have already experienced activation in your hands or begun to feel new sensations.

Reconnective Healing is not a “technique”. It does not require methods or a given set of conditions, nor must any special factors be taken in account. This is the first feature which differentiates it from other types of healing. Dr Eric Pearl shows people how to activate the body’s Reconnective frequencies and from there on the frequencies themselves direct the process in each session, the practitioner acting as a mere catalyzer between God and the person receiving on the healing.

Dr Pearl reminds us that “The person is healed, not the illness”. Which is to say that one needn’t worry that Reconnective Healing might prove effective for one type of illness but less effective for another type. It makes no difference what type of illness is being treated in as much as the presence of Reconnective frequencies allows a shift back to health as a matter of course.

Dr Pearl also explains that: One of the few ways in which you can limit yourself in this process is through your system of beliefs, or what I call your “convictions”. If you are convinced that a certain illness or complaint cannot be cured, you may possibly prove
to yourself that you are right. I say possibly because the Universe can override you or even offer you the opportunity to rise above your beliefs.

“It is time to allow that we are Light and to allow the wisdom that created the body to flow through it.”
Eric Pearl

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