My philosophy – My approach to healing

My approach stems from the idea that the body can achieve its own homeostasis and naturally wants to heal itself. It is only necessary to remove the blockages that we create, consciously or unconsciously.

Homeostasis is the natural function all living organisms have to find inner balance and to maintain a healthy relationship with the environment in which we live. We live in close relationship with all the elements in our environment and we are, by birth, predestined by many patterns to seek and obtain everything we need to satisfy our needs.

Human beings are designed to perform these dynamics through processes in which three fundamental energetic forces work together: feeling, thinking and acting. Any alteration, whether within ourselves or without, triggers a reaction involving emotions, thoughts and actions intended to redress the imbalance suffered and to restore the conditions in which life can be maintained.

Often these reactions change our emotional, mental or physical structure, creating new pathological patterns or physiological and psychological blocks that break the normal conditions of wellness and health in which we were created.

An emotional impact affects thought patterns and behaviour and also changes the physical structure of a person, in the same way that an accident with physical consequences, also affects mental stability.

Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, in particular, but also massages and other therapies help our body and mind to regain the ability to self-regulate and increase our healing potential.