The Reconnection®

Originally, the meridians of the body, sometimes called acupuncture lines, were connected to the meridians and parallels (ley-lines) that surround our planet. These lines were arranged so that they extended and adjusted themselves to a much larger network, uniting us with the entire universe. Over the years, we disconnect from these lines.

The Reconnection creates new axiatonal lines which allow us to connect to unique levels and frequencies of healing, accelerating the process of our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of an intelligent circulatory system, a parallel-dimensional system that brings the basic energy for the functions of regeneration in our body.

The Reconnection is done in two sessions; it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence, allowing the exchange of energy, light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of cords in planes of parallel existence.

This transmission of energy, light and information facilitates recognition of the purpose of life and activates the self-healing mechanism, it helps to take away layers at different levels that no longer serve us and awakens and reconnects us with our own being, the planet and the universe.

It helps us understand that we are the creators of our reality.




Reconnection energy raises the frequency of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels:

  • It takes you to a profound transformation.
  • It is a quantum leap in your evolution.
  • It helps you to deal with fears and guilt.
  • It increases your ability to give and receive love.
  • It increases your creative ability.
  • It gives you more possibilities to make decisions, and life in the present will be much easier and more satisfying.
  • It balances your endocrine system, which controls metabolism.