Intuitive massage

Here intuition guides me with conscious touch. I work with different massage techniques which touch the body at different levels: the skin, the tissue, the muscles and the bones. Through attention to the body and breathing, I help you to become conscious of how you produce your aches and pains, and how you can let them go by becoming aware.

This is a deep massage and can be either a relaxing massage (with soft touch), an invigorating massage or a strong massage of muscles to treat tensions and contractions (with more vigorous touch) or a specific massage to achieve balance on a physical, mental and energetic level.


This technique improves your quality of life, unlocking, relaxing and relieving tensions or memories retained in the body. In short, it improves:

  • Chronic pain and other symptoms
  • Body tensions
  • Your ability to relax
  • Your ability to concentrate
  • Sleep disturbances

It can be applied to both children and adults, bringing about a positive influence in their emotional and physical health..